Your vote FOR Issue 9, Dayton’s ¼% earned income tax, helps every neighborhood with better police protection, street repairs, and park and vacant lot maintenance. It keeps the firefighters and paramedics we need. It provides quality preschool for all 4-year-olds, so every Dayton child is ready to succeed.

It won’t tax Social Security, retirement, or investment income. It is an investment of $1.60 a week for someone earning $35,000 a year, and it applies to all people working in Dayton, including those who live outside the city - but work here and use city services.

The need is critical and urgent. Dayton faces a $5 million deficit next year – and it will only grow. The City budget is the same size it was in 1998, and 700 jobs have been cut. The last increase in our city income tax was 32 years ago. Dayton has cut all we safely can.

Right now, 3 of 4 Dayton children who enter kindergarten are not ready to learn. Every child deserves a fair chance to succeed, and their success impacts us all. Research shows quality preschool makes a big difference and that when children start kindergarten without the skills and foundation they need, the impact is long lasting – with lower test scores, fewer graduates, and ultimately a weaker workforce and economy.

To provide an opportunity for all of Dayton and to be the city we want to be, we must keep our city services strong and invest in our future. Your vote FOR Issue 9 puts neighborhoods first.